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SR10T Single Phase Power Regulator Universal model

This product can be customized according to user needs;

• Adopting high reliability CPU of American ATMEL Company;

• Adopt SMT surface mount technology;

• With regular functions such as constant current, constant voltage and constant power;

• Zero-crossing mode can be applied to inductive loads, reducing harmonic interference to the grid, and

• Phase shift zero-crossing automatically switches to achieve low-temperature protection of the varistor load;

• Adopt LED human-machine interface to realize human-computer interaction;

• A rich programmable AI/DI/DO interface;

• Standard RS485 interface, support modbus-RTU protocol;

• Support a variety of extended functions (profibus communication, modbusTCP, temperature control module, etc.)

• Under air cooling conditions, the Re value is as high as 2848, and the total pressure loss of the air duct is as low as 7.5Pa;

• The total mass of 150A current is only 660g;

about us.jpg
about us.jpg


LED Display

• Easy to set and display parameters


• Quality 6063 Aluminum

• Thermal conductivity of 204W/(m. °C)

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